Our Projects


cPDF is a command line based utility that simplifies the use of Ghostscript to compress PDF files written in Python.

Development Environment Manager

3DF DEM is a GUI Utility that manages local dockerized development environments built with Wails using HTML5, CSS, vanilla javascript, and Go.


Densify is a GUI Utility Desktop Application that compresses PDF files using Ghostscript written in Python/GTK+

Geary PPA

We maintain a PPA for Geary, a lightweight conversation based mail client in the Gnome project with builds for Ubuntu in hopes of making the upstream releases more available to Ubuntu users.

GoCrypt – A Golang Encryption Helper Module

Package 3dfosi/gocrypt provides simplified helper functions for using scrypt (128-bit salt, N=32768, r=8 and p=1) generated hash as a key to encrypt data with AES-256-GCM.

Gnome Flatpak Theme Update

A quick script to sync your custom theme with flatpak apps after they get updated to make it a little easier.

InstaCrypt Desktop

A go-astilectron Cross-Platform Graphical Desktop Application (GUI wrapper) written in Go, Javascript, and HTML5 that simplifies encrypting and decrypting files with the InstaCrypt service and ssh-vault.

Lenovo Charge Control

A customized shortcut way to set Lenovo laptops between two sets of charging thresholds.

Dockerized Magento 2 w/ NGINX, REDIS, & Varnish

A repo to pre-package a Magento 2 instance w/ NGINX, REDIS, & Varnish for development and deployment within 5 minutes.

Nautilus SCP Helper

A Nautilus script designed for and tested on Gnome 3.36 to enable right click action to directly scp a file or directory to a remote host via a little GUI interaction.

System76 Charge Control

An unofficial GUI wrapper for system76-power to control charging thresholds for System76 laptops running coreboot.


Automating the setup and rollback of some of my must have shell and vim configurations on servers and desktops.


Bash script to quickly prepare your MacOS High Sierra Virtual HD with full screen resolution.

Vue.js QuickStart

BQuickstart template for Vue.JS Websites built with vue-cli and modified code of ndro/vue-webpack-buefy.