The 3DF Open Source Initiative (OSI) was born within 3DF Limited, a Hong Kong based IT Ops, DevOps, and 3D Printing Consultancy. It began when the founder decided to develop some practical IT tools and shared the source code with the community he was involved in. In the beginning, they were just a few simple scripts running in *nix terminals shared on Github and GitLab but as time went on, even more graphically rich software utilities came to life; solving everyday needs of IT professionals. Throughout the process, he found re-engaging with coding and the experience that came along with it to be so powerful that he decided he wanted to share this experience with the rest of the company and as such, he began his journey in building what’s now known as 3DF Open Source Initiative; a platform funded by 3DF Limited and gracious donors dedicated to contributing more to the open source community.

What is OSI?

OSI is a platform to introduce and share open source technologies consisting of mostly server side scripts, team collaboration tools, and small utility software like our PDF compressors built for Linux desktop users. Contributors range from founders and staff of 3DF working on both work related and personal projects all the way to contributors from our partners and friends. The goal of OSI is to sustain a platform for sharing technical resources that lowers the entry-barrier of cutting edge technology adoption world-wide.

Mission & Theme

The mission of OSI is to make technology more accessible and usable for IT professionals and anyone interested in technology. OSI projects will all need to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Solves practical problems
  • Provides an educational experience to the developers
  • Remains open and free for redistribution
  • Contributes to the greater community
  • Fun!

You can find a list of our projects on this page.

News & Updates

To keep up-to-date with announcements and changes, follow @3dfosi on twitter and our founder’s Medium!

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